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ain't a fairytale
graphics by raiindust
24th-Jan-2015 08:13 am - %Extra
disney. flawless queen.


Additionally, after some delay I am finally going to complete this, so if you would like to request any PSDs now is the time!
10th-Jan-2015 08:09 pm - 2015 - %Extra
disney. flawless queen.

In an effort to keep my computer from going kaput I'm cleaning out my PSDs, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone was interested in any of them before I did so. Some are already uploaded here, so check there before requesting.

NOTE: I'm sharing these because I don't have time to be awesome and offer tutorials etc. Please do not use them, or sections of them as bases for your icons.
1st-Jan-2015 05:24 pm - 2015 - texture post #01
disney. flawless queen.

1 texture set
We Found Wonderland: 30 textures [200x200]

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27th-Dec-2014 09:25 am - 2014 - icon post #02
disney. flawless queen.
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? An icon post? NO WAY. These are from a couple of brilliant activities: IAM's Battle The Gift of Giving & calendarsquares Secret Santa. 27 icons. [Fandoms Include]Fandoms Include: Nothing Much to Do, Once Upon a Time, Bones, Teen Wolf, Hannibal, The 100, How To Get Away With Murder, Dead Like Me, Community, A:TLA, Suits, AoS, Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Guardians of the Galaxy

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15th-Dec-2014 07:33 am - %Extra
disney. flawless queen.
The best thing about the holiday season? All the wonderful icon-related activities that pop up!

It's Giftmas Time!

Annnnnnnnnd this is still open for anyone who would like to request:

raiindust's screencap requests
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